Guilt-Free Sweet Treat

I’m the type of person that always needs something sweet after a meal. A scoop of ice cream isn’t always guilt-free, so sometimes I opt for something lighter. This recipe can be eaten as a breakfast, snack or dessert, and can even be made vegan!IMG_7503


  1. One banana, sliced
  2. 3 strips of dried coconut, chopped
  3. Handful of almonds, cut in half
  4. Small handful of chocolate chips
  5. 1/2 cup of milk (non fat and 1% are the better options)

Guess what… it can be made vegan!

  1. Substitute the chocolate chips for vegan-carob chips or vegan chocolate chips.
  2. Instead of normal milk, use soy, almond, or whatever you prefer.

Once your ingredients are sliced and chopped, its super easy. Just throw them all in to a bowl!IMG_7504

If the ratio looks a little off, add more of whatever you think it needs. Then add milk and enjoy!IMG_7506


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