Perfect Hardboiled Egg

Okay so you are probably thinking “why this? This is so simple!” I mean it is, but somehow people always mess it up!! To me, nothing is worse than that green ring around the yolk – aka my favorite part. It doesn’t taste different, it just doesn’t look pretty! So follow this recipe to impress everyone with your hardboiled egg skills.

What you’ll need:

  • Eggs (I do 4 at a time)
  • Water
  • Salt

In a medium sized sauce pan put in the eggs and cover with water. Salt well and turn the burner to medium high. Once the water is boiling cover with a lid and move to a burner that’s off. Set timer to 11 minutes. When the time is up drain the water and fill the pan with cold water to stop the cooking of the eggs. You’ll want to let them sit in cold water for a little bit.

At this point you can either eat them warm or store them for later. To peel the eggs lightly tap it on a hard surface all the way around so you have a line that goes all the way around the middle. Hopefully this picture makes more sense.IMG_0366

After you have the initial crack, the best thing to do is peel it under running water. It just makes it much easier. Fair warning, your house will probably smell like eggs but it’s so worth it. And when you’re done you have perfectly cooked eggs! To store, keep the shell on and dry them with a paper towel. Keep them in a sealed tupperware for up to a week. Eat them with salt and pepper or chopped up in egg salad and enjoy!IMG_0370


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