Essentials and Favorites

8 ingredients to make an entire meal? Yes, it’s true and can happen. There are a few items that we do not include in that number because they are so versatile that you should always have them.

We also included some of our favorite spices and seasonings at the bottom that are guaranteed to spice up your life and any meal you use them in.


Olive oil– Trader Joe’s California Estates Olive Oil is inexpensive and relatively mild which is is great to line any pan with.

Balsamic vinegar–Any bottle or brand will do, we find that unlike olive oil, most vinegars are indistinguishable in taste.

Chili flakes-McCormick brand is fine and you can find it at any grocery store

Hot sauce–Sydney: Crystal Louisiana Hot Sauce and Sambal






Salt and pepper-duh

Seasoning mix–Any dried Italian herb mixture that sounds good. You can put it on anything from chicken to pizza.

Unsalted butter–It’s better to add your own salt for cooking, salted butter is good for spreading on bread.


Since we love food, we accumulate items that are less common for every college student, but are equally as great to have on hand as well.

Bernstein’s Italian Salad Dressing – Cut out prep time by using my absolute favorite salad dressing instead of making your own! Goes well with anything you could even think to throw in a salad.
Almonds–A perfect snack and they add a nice crunch to salads

Chia seeds–Great source of fiber and antioxidants, perfect for adding to your yogurt or any smoothie.


Bread – I love making homemade bread! It’s so much easier than people think and it’s not loaded with a bunch of additives like most store bought breads. Here’s my favorite recipe!

Parmesan cheese–Trader Joe’s grated parmesan is something you can use on almost everything.

Oreos–“Because a household is not household without Oreos” -Sydney Pincus


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  1. Donna Kermin says:

    Love this blog! It’s written so clearly with excellent information. Very professionally done.
    Looking forward to the next entry.


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